5 Reasons to Pay a Visit to an Optometrist

As important and precious as eyesight is, many of us take it for granted by not getting our eyes and our vision checked as often as we should. Optometrists and opticians in Vancouver should be an integral component of your overall health team, so make sure you don't avoid visiting your eyesight professionals when there are clear signs that you should.

The top 5 reasons to pay a visit to your Vancouver optician and optometrist at Granville Mall Optical are:

Your vision is blurry

Blurry vision can have a number of causes, chief among them that you need a new prescription or, if you have never worn glasses, that you should probably start wearing them. Blurry vision can also signify other ocular health problems, so it is best to either confirm or rule out eyesight issues. If your problems don't stem from a need for corrective lenses, then your optometrist can find out what may be causing your blurry vision.

Your eyes are dry
Dry eyes can be a sign of anything from not enough moisture in your environment to serious ocular health conditions. Your optometrist can find out whether you simply need to drink more water or use lubricating eye drops, or if something else is going on. An optometrist can also recommend the best eye drops for your needs.

It's been a while since your last appointment
Ideally, even if you aren't experiencing any problems with your vision, you should be getting your eyes tested at least every two years. It is recommended that you go even more often if you wear glasses or have certain eye conditions. Some eye diseases can have very few symptoms before turning serious, but a trained optometrist will be able to catch them in their early stages.

You get headaches
Headaches are a tricky symptom because they can signify any number of different problems. If, however, you have ruled out most other possibilities and you are also experiencing symptoms such as dry eyes or blurry vision, then a trip to the optometrist could be just what you need to finally put a stop to your headaches once and for all.

You want to get new glasses
If you want to get new glasses, or if you think you need your first pair of glasses, then you are first going to need to visit an optometrist in order to get the right corrective lens prescription for your eyesight.

The team of trusted optometrists at Granville Mall Optical can give you a complete eye exam and provide you with an up-to-date prescription. Our Vancouver opticians can then help you find a pair of glasses that not only looks great, but sits correctly and comfortably on your face.

If you're convinced that it's time to visit a Vancouver optometrist and optician, then don't wait, book an appointment at Granville Mall Optical today. We'll set you up with a new prescription and a make sure you leave with a new pair of glasses that you love.

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