Finding Quality Prescription Sunglasses in Vancouver

Owning good pair of sunglasses is more important for eye health than many people know. Having quality prescription sunglasses from a prescription eyewear retailer in Vancouver such as Granville Mall Optical is one of the best ways to protect your eyes from damage and to preserve your eyesight.

Wearing sunglasses when you are exposing your eyes to direct sunlight is important both in the summer and in the winter months. UV rays can cause both short- and long-term damage to your retina and cornea at any time of year, as can any intense light or glare from the sun.

It is important to note, however, that not every pair of sunglasses is equally up to the task of protecting your eyes and your vision. When shopping for your next pair of sunglasses, consider the following 5 factors:

UV Protection

When browsing for a new pair of sunglasses, don't settle for anything less than 100% UV protection. Depending on the manufacturer, the sunglasses may also say "UV absorption up to 400nm."

Polarization is a fantastic feature to have on your sunglasses as it reduces the glare that bounces off reflective surfaces, making it much safer to drive and to take part in outdoor activities.

Adequate Coverage
A good rule of thumb is that the bigger your sunglasses are and the more of your eye they cover, the better. You should strive to have the least amount of direct sunlight hitting your eye as possible.

Proper Fit
It is not, however, advisable to purchase huge sunglasses if they don't fit properly. Make sure you get a pair that is comfortable and doesn't obstruct your vision by slipping or sitting at awkward angles on your face.

A Pair That You Feel Great In
Finally, if you're going to be wearing your sunglasses outdoors at all times of the year, then you want a pair that you look and feel great in. Make sure you buy something that works with your personal taste and style.

Granville Mall Optical carries prescription sunglasses which not only meet all of the criteria described above, but which also look great while doing their job. Come and visit Granville Mall Optical in Vancouver today to check out our selection of popular brands and customizable lenses and find the right sunglasses for you.

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