Optometrist appointments in Vancouver British Columbia

Vancouver Optometrist or Optician: Who Should I See?

All eye care professionals are highly trained and educated in their field, but they don't all provide the same eye care services. "Getting your eyes checked" means something different depending on who you see. The Vancouver optometrists and opticians at Granville Mall Optical provide different eye care services depending on whether you need a simple eye testing procedure and glasses fitting, or a complete eye examination.

What is an Optician?

Opticians are important members of the eye care team who specialize in the fitting and adjusting of corrective eyeglass lenses, eyeglass frames, contact lenses, and other ophthalmic products. Though they are not trained or permitted to diagnose or treat eye conditions, some opticians do use a process known as automated refraction to provide accurate prescriptions for corrective eyewear.

What is an Optometrist?

An optometrist holds the degree of Doctor of Optometry, which they earned after completing an undergraduate degree followed by four more years at an accredited optometry school.

While opticians can do basic vision testing, Vancouver optometrists are generally the professionals that people go to in order to receive corrective lens prescriptions and undergo a comprehensive eye exam. On top of sight testing, optometrists are also trained to diagnose eye conditions and prescribe management and treatments options, such as medicated eye drops.

When to Call a Vancouver Optometrist for an Appointment

You should be scheduling complete eye exams with a Vancouver optometrist on a regular basis. At Granville Mall Optical, we recommend coming in every two to four years if you are under 40, one to three years if you are between 40 and 54, 1 to 2 years if you are between 55 and 64, and every six months to a year if you are over 65.

Aside from your regular checkups, you should see an optometrist as soon as you can if you experience flashes of light in your vision, a "curtain" or "veil" appearing to wave over your vision or an increase in the number and size of floaters.

The most important item to bring to your appointment is your current glasses or contact lenses. Bring your insurance card if you have full or partial coverage for eye exams, as well any medications that may be affecting your vision. At Granville Mall Optical, eye exams usually take around half an hour to complete.

Appointments may take longer if you will be receiving additional tests, such as an examination requiring pupil dilation. In order to thoroughly examine your eye, your Vancouver optometrist can dilate your pupils with special eye drops. They can then use special lighted instruments in order to look inside your eye and detect problems with your retina or vitreous humor.

If it's time for your routine eye exam, or if you have any other eye health concerns, then you can contact Granville Mall Optical today. One of our Vancouver optometrists will make sure that your eyes are healthy and that you are wearing the right corrective eyewear for your needs.

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