Make a Statement with Contact Lenses in Vancouver

Glasses are not the only solution to correct your vision. At Granville Mall Optical, we are pleased to offer comfortable contact lenses in Vancouver. We carry a variety of special lenses to fit your exact vision needs, whether you suffer from astigmatism or other eye conditions such as presbyopia.

Many people choose contact lenses for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Appearance
  • No fogging up
  • No obstructions or distracting
  • Improved peripheral vision

If you’d rather choose contact lenses over glasses, we keep a range of versatile contact lenses in stock. Due to eye sensitivity and personal preference, everyone wears contacts for different amounts of time. Whether you want new lenses every day or want to wear the same lenses day and night, we have the perfect contact lenses for you in Vancouver. We offer lenses that are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Extended and overnight wear
  • Cosmetic and colour lenses

Types of Contact Lenses
There are now many types of contact lenses available that address various issues from cosmetics to eye conditions. We offer standard contact lenses that solve far-sighted and near-sighted issues and cosmetic lenses that let you change your eye colour, but we also have a range of lenses that correct more difficult conditions.

  • Multifocal contact lenses have multiple prescriptions in one lens. They offer different lens powers that target vision at varying distances, and are designed to help people with presbyopia. This is a condition that is brought on by age, causing the eye’s natural lens to stiffen and lose ability to focus on close-up objects.  
  • Toric contact lenses are shaped differently than standard contacts. A toric contact’s shape is reminiscent of a donut to help correct astigmatism.

We also offer lenses that keep your eyes moist to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

See Our Selection

Depending on your prescription and your preferences, you can select durable hard contacts or single-use soft contacts. Some of the brands we carry include the following:

Air Optix®

  • Presbyopia
  • Night & Day
  • For Astigmatism


  • Encore
  • Biofinity
  • Proclear
  • Biomedics

Johnson & Johnson

  • Oasys® for Presbyopia
  • Oasys for Astigmatism
  • 1-Day Acuvue® Moist
  • Acuvue Oasys

Each of these options offers a different set of benefits. If you feel undecided about contact lenses, our optician will gladly to discuss which ones might best fit your lifestyle. In our office, you can also meet with licensed contact lens fitters so you can feel confident and comfortable with your product selection.

We can also renew your current prescription of contact lenses in Vancouver if you already have a brand that you prefer.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you would like to discuss your contact lenses, or have some other concerns, let us know.You can reach our team by calling 604-683-6419 or emailing You can even submit a request form by visiting our contact page.

Your vision plays a key role in your ability to perform daily tasks. By selecting convenient and comfortable

contact lenses in Vancouver, you better your vision and maintain your quality of life.

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