Convenient, One-Hour Eyeglass Service in Vancouver

If you require corrective lenses, then selecting and buying a pair of eyeglasses is not something you should ever put off. Not only can you face numerous minor inconveniences if you wait too long, but you may even inadvertently put yourself in danger. On top of getting yourself to a Vancouver optician as quickly as possible, you should also consider going to one that offers one-hour eyeglass service, such as Granville Mall Optical.

The Benefits of One-Hour Eyeglass Service

The number one benefit of one-hour eyeglass service in Vancouver is that, quite simply, it is convenient. If the option is available, then why wait any longer to receive your new pair of eyeglasses when you could have them just an hour after picking out your frames? One-hour eyeglass service is also incredibly beneficial if your eyeglasses have been broken, lost, or stolen and need to be quickly replaced in order for you to keep going on with your day.

Shop for New Eyeglasses with Ease at Granville Mall Optical
You can get your hands on a new pair of eyeglasses from us in just 3 quick and easy steps:

1. Bring in your prescription

If you have an up-to-date prescription ready when you walk in to our store, then you're all ready to get set up with a new pair of eyeglasses.

Don't have a prescription, or perhaps have one that you know doesn't work for you anymore? Not a problem! Our skilled opticians can perform a basic sight testing procedure to determine your prescription.

2. Choose the right frames
With prescription in hand, you can browse our selection for a wide variety of eyeglass frames. We carry over 30 different brands for you to choose from, including Hugo Boss, Prada, D&G, and Gucci.

3. Shop while you wait
Once you pick out your new frames and lens type, we can begin working on making your eyeglasses right away and having them completed within an hour. While you wait you can run some errands and do some shopping on Granville Street or in Pacific Centre.

If you're looking for friendly, professional service, affordable prices, assured quality, and the convenience of having your eyeglasses ready in an hour, then come visit the trusted opticians at Granville Mall Optical today.

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